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Bought your Bracelet . . . WOW!!

I had to let you know how pleased I am with the copper bracelet. I purchased from you on Friday, April 14th in Cave Creek, Arizona. You may remember my wife Karen and I. We talked about your service in the Marines and mine in the Army. I read your sign and asked, “So what is the right wrist to wear it on”? We then had a conversation that opened my eyes because I had tried a copper bracelet in the past but told you it caused my wrist to turn green. Came to find out that the green was the impurities being drawn from the body and to just wash it off. Well anyway, we bought two bracelets and I was hoping it might help with some lower back pain, a balky right knee, (I was wearing a knee brace that day)., and a discomfort in my left hip which I believe was my sciatica nerve acting up.

By the next afternoon my knee was not causing me any more discomfort and I have not put a knee brace on since that day I bought your bracelet. The lower back pain diminished but was still there, but as of now it is completely gone . . . took about a week for the back pain to completely subside. And now the sciatica discomfort is now gone as well, that hung on a bit longer. I am amazed at how many things the copper has helped me with and I tell people about your bracelets.

Unfortunately, Karen’s skin reacted by breaking out in a rash so she was unable to keep wearing it. I guess for some it doesn’t work, the only metal she can wear it appears is gold. We did however give it to my mother in law and she said it is helping her also. So thank you for your product. I can’t say enough about what it has done for me. Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!

 -John Monty

Pat, I thought you might like to know this. A fellow I work with fell hard onto his shoulder about a year ago. He had a nerve-stretch injury I guess and lost all ability to move his fingers and had a lot of pain. He has recently begun getting back just the most basic movement in his fingers (the body will heal itself) but along with that, periods of excruciating pain (RSD?) have been experienced. Well I saw him yesterday and noted the discomfort he was in.

What the hey, so I gave him my bracelet and told him to try it overnight for the next couple days. He came in today and said he is going to order one today. He wanted to give it back to me, but I told him to keep wearing it until he gets his own. He was very thankful to me, but all the thanks goes to you.

I originally wore your bracelet on the Left side like you say, but my right shoulder is so arthritic and probably would need a surgery but I moved the bracelet over to my Right wrist and the difference has been amazing. I can barely be without the bracelet for more than a couple hours (like last night) before it starts stiffening up and getting very sore. Thankfully, I had an extra bracelet I was able to put on last night and things are looking up.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your bracelets. I will be ordering more for sure.

-Bill Spillman RN

Dear Pat;

In April of 2003 my wife and I went to the Pima County Fair. While there we stopped at your booth to look at your copper overlaid with sterling silver bracelets. I am a diabetic, and have been for eleven years. I make it a point to change only one thing at a time in the treatment of this disease. We listened to your explanation of how the Wonder bracelets worked for others. I purchased one for me and one for my wife as she has low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia. Making no changes in medication, exercise, or foods my fasting blood sugar level went from 125-130 to 85-90 in only a week. Carol’s fasting blood level went from 75-75 to 85-90 in about a week.

I went to see my medical doctor after only wearing this bracelet for one month and he wanted to know what I had done to improve my sugars by 30 or more points. I showed him your pamphlet and he said he would tell his other patients with diabetes of this Wonder Bracelet. The doctor has reduced my medication as my blood sugar level has continued to improve.

I have seen you twice since then and have purchased a bracelet for my mother who will be 100 in October of this year. I have found that she has more energy now using the Wonder Bracelet than she had before. By the way she still lives alone and takes care of herself.

I make it a point to tell all my friends that see the Wonder Bracelet what wonderful results I have received. Several have shown me the Wonder Bracelets that they have purchased.

You may use this letter in any that will help others get the information on this Wonder Bracelet. They may call us if they want.


Robert & Carol Ann Dohrmann

Dear Mr. Skyking,

When my husband and I were in Santa Fe the first weekend in October, we purchased one of your copper and silver bracelets for my 90-year-old mother. Since she has been wearing it, the arthritis in her hands and wrists has stopped hurting her, even with all the rainy weather we have been getting.

I would like to purchase another of your bracelets, this one for myself. An order form and check are enclosed. If my wrist size falls between a small and a medium, please send the medium to me. We purchased a small bracelet for my mother and it would be very difficult for me to get that size on and off.

I wonder if you would happen to know the meaning of the symbol I have traced at the bottom of this page? I think it may be Hopi in origin, but I’m not sure about that. If you can tell me the meaning of it, I would be most grateful

Thank you for your beautiful and helpful work.


Sheryl Lee York

Dear Pat,

The past several years I have had surgery on my back and replaced my left hip. I have had so much trouble with pain that just does not seem to go away. My wife purchased a Wonder Bracelet from you and she has noticed a definite change in the pain in her back. Says she gets out of bed each morning without an ache and pain now. So, I thought maybe a bracelet would help me. You know us men, we are hard to convince. I have been wearing my bracelet for several weeks now and have noticed a big difference. We are both 71 and should have some aches. However, I had a hard time getting out of our vehicle and not hurting. Now I get out and don’e notice any pain at all. Since I have had my bracelet I have had so many people tell em they are wearing one or know some one that is wearing one. My neighbor across the street said his Mother wore one for years and one day she misplaced it. Well, she started having all sorts of health problems. Then she found her bracelet and started wearing it. About 2 weeks later she was much better. That is only one of the stories I have heard. This is, without a doubt, the best thing you could wear. And they are attractive also. Thank you so much from my wife and myself for having this product.

–  Thomas R. Loomis

 Dear Mr. Skyking,

Several years ago I fell on my back sending me to have my back xrayed. I was told that the vertebrae were OK but I had some arthritis starting. Ever since I have had this pain and getting worse as time went on. Just before Christmas, 2002, I purchased a wonder bracelet from you. After wearing it for 2 weeks I noticed I was able to get out of bed easier each morning and the pain in my back was not as noticeable. Now I get out of bed in the morning without the old aches and pains. This bracelet is certainly a wonder. I would recommend the Wonder Bracelet to everyone.

– Joanne Loomis

Dear Mr. Skyking,

Recently, at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo and Celebration, I was visiting the Indian village. As I passed your outlet booth, I noticed a large sign with the words “The Wonder Bracelet” on it. Curious, I went in and looked at the bracelets which have sterling silver inlaid by you on the top. In visiting with you, you explained the benefits of the bracelet and the manner in which it should be worn. Since I have had trouble with the knuckle on my right hand index finger for over a year, being swollen and painful to the point that I could not close my hand to make a fist, I decided to purchase one of your bracelets.

I am so pleased with the results. In less than a week, matter of fact, just 5 days, the knuckle on my hand has reduced in size by 3/4 and the pain that I was experiencing is completely gone. The powers of your bracelet are exactly as you explained. I wear the bracelet as you instructed and as the instructions you provided recommend. I am so pleased with the bracelet and its healing powers that I will wear it forever. I feel that if my knuckle was relieved in that short of time, the bracelet, with its healing powers will protect my body from future maladies.

Thank you very much for introducing me to such a truly ‘Wonderful’ “Wonder Bracelet” and may you continue to help others who are in pain or discomfort far into the future

Best wishes and warm regards,

Jack Carroccia

Copper bracelets made by and blessed by the Dineh

 Howdy Pat,

Wanted to bring you up to date on my progress after putting on a Skyking copper bracelet at the Craft Festival, Corrales New Mexico in mid October this year. I have worn the bracelet from sunup to sundown; from sundown to sunup as instructed. I have washed clean the left wrist. The awful burning on the bottoms of both feet which has troubled me five years is 90% gone. What a delightful feeling to be rid of that constant burning sensation.

What the Belagana doctors could not solve was resolved by yourself and Grandfather of the Dineh. I am grateful to the both of you. I think about you every day and what you have done to make my retirement more enjoyable. I can work in the garage, shoot at the rifle range, and be on my feet for hours without the burning.

The second bracelet was for son-in-law who was severely injured on a roping horse at tha rodeo. Hd him remove the flat copper he was wearing on his right wrist. Placed the Skyking bracelet on his left wrist. Gave him the proper instructions. In 45 days he has reported the ankle to be far less stiff and more mobile since he began wearing the Skyking bracelet.

Would there be any benefit in wearing two of your bracelets or have a bracelet that is wider so more copper touches the pulse?

Hope you enjoy the enclosed photograph of the Marines. Pat, did you have a Blessing Way before you went into the Corps? And when you returned from that ware were there any “Way” ceremonies welcoming you back among the people?

Can’t tell you how pleased I was to have met you and how much you and Grandfather have helped me. Would like to hear from you if time permits. Tell where else your travels have taken you with your art.

Semper Fi,

Gy/Sgt Owen W. Ervin, USMCR (Ret) of the Belagana people

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