Facts and Frequently Asked Questions

The Wonder Bracelet



What is a Wonder Bracelet™?
A Native American Medicine Man’s therapeutic treatment using Sterling Silver and Copper to treat everything from arthritis, cancer and germs to bacteria. The Wonder Bracelet™ will help you protect against all bacteria, germs and viruses of all kinds.

Do larger Wonder Bracelets™ with more Sterling Silver or Copper work better than the smaller ones?
No. All Wonder Bracelets have the same healing powers.

What is the proper way to wear my Wonder Bracelet™?
9 times out of 10, when people say their bracelet doesn’t work, they’re wearing it on the wrong wrist. Your energy flows from left to right in the human body. Therefore, you wear your Wonder Bracelet™ on your left wrist in front of your watch – against your pulse. The copper and your pulse work together to relay energy from the metals to the heart and brain and to activate your spinal cord. Your spinal cord activates your blood cells – no matter where you hurt, energy will flow. THIS THEORY ONLY APPLIES TO THE WONDER BRACELET™

What is the right way to put on my bracelet?
Always put your bracelet on 2″ above your wrist and then slide it down over your wrist. Remove it the same way.

Why is my Wonder Bracelet™ designed this way?
When you overlay Copper with Sterling Silver, the Sterling Silver prevents the energy created by the interaction of the silver, copper and your own body heat from escaping. Instead, the magnetic field is directed downward and into your body. If we were to make our bracelets with copper only, you would still experience the arthritic benefits but you would loose 90% of it’s effectiveness for other ailments.

Copper represents your body. Sterling Silver represents your vertebrae which includes your blood vessels and cells – therefore, the energy flows everywhere.

  • Copper cleans out all of your arteries and blood vessels.
  • Sterling Silver protects your body from all kinds of bacteria, germs and viruses that enter a human body.
  • Copper / Sterling Silver combined creates natural magnetic fields which help with damaged tissue, cells and nerves and can effectively treat cancers. The magnetic fields are also known as electrolysis.

When is my Wonder Bracelet™ most effective?
Your Wonder Bracelet™ is most effective during the night while your body is relaxing and asleep – but it works 24/7.  The only time you should remove it is in the morning when you are showering. Always wash your hand, wrist and bracelet in cold water. Cold water closes your pores. You should clean your bracelet once a week using metal polish or jewelry cleaner. Only if needed, clean with 3/0 fine steel wool. This will wash away the sickness that the Wonder Bracelet™ has extracted from your body.


Hot Water tarnishes copper. Hot water opens your pores and just invites everything back into your body. You will never get rid of your body illness.

Negative to Positive
Throughout our language, songs, art designs and sand painting, it is stated that our energy flows from left to right. Our left hand is negative; our right hand is positive. Therefore, the Wonder Bracelet should always be worn on the left wrist. In all Nations and Native American songs and art designs, the circle always unwinds to the left. If your physical problems are between your right fingertips and your right shoulder, start by wearing your bracelet on your right wrist for 2 to 3 days or a week. When the pain has subsided, switch your Wonder Bracelet to your left wrist.

Why don’t you use magnets in the design of the Wonder Bracelet™ ?
It is against the human body. A human body is a compass. Take a magnet to a compass and you distort it’s direction. Take a magnet to the body and you will immediately be effecting your brain cells and confusing the crystal in your ear. You will develop vertigo.

The human body is naturally magnetic – see above.

Adding external magnets would disrupt and distort your natural magnetic field which is necessary to maintain your health.

How Do I Get a Wonder Bracelet™?
You can order one right here on this website. First measure the circumference of your wrist and then determine if your wrist is flat on top, or curved. Then pick out a pattern that you like and order your bracelet from our store. You can pay with PayPal or any major credit card.