The Wonder Bracelet™ is a sterling silver and copper bracelet used by Native Americans since the 1700s as a therapeutic treatment  to cure human illness and speed the healing of injuries.

The Wonder Bracelet™ has helped speed recovery from many kinds of human ailments such as:

• Back Problems
• Sore and Injured Legs
• ArthritisThe Wonder Bracelet copper bracelet
• Carpal Tunnel
• Tendinitis
• Diabetes
• Irregular Heartbeat
• Allergies
• Sports Injuries
• And Many More

What is the Difference between the Wonder Bracelet™ and other copper bracelets?

Native Americans believe that copper was introduced to them by the Spirit World of Medicine through songs, fibers, herbs and ceremonies. It was used to treat many human illnesses before the advent of modern medicine. The makers of the Wonder Bracelet™ understand the theory and uses of copper and sterling silver. Only they know the right (and wrong) ways to combine these metals to conjure the greatest healing powers. It is common knowledge that copper helps arthritis but the American Indian Medicine Men know that, if used properly, it can do so much more.

All of our bracelets are hand made by skilled Native American artisans from the Dene Navajo tribe. Therefore, each bracelet is unique but every bracelet works the same.

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